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Joe DeMasi, John DeMasi and Chris Burke: Yes I Can

Presented by Joe DeMasi — May 30, 2010

That every individual by right of birth has inherent worth and dignity is the first principle of Unitarian-Universalism; this was highlighted in an engaging talk and original music presentation by singer-songwriter Joe DeMasi on Sunday May 30 2010.  Joe,  along with Chris Burke (Corky from “Life Goes On”) and John DeMasi (Joe’s brother and a member of the Dorothea Dix UU community) have created an inspirational and heartwarming video from Creative Arts and Abilities. The video, which is called “Yes I Can,” is inspiring people all over the world to believe in their abilities despite their differences.  All people are valuable and all people possess abilities.


You can help spread the powerful message of hope and encouragement that this video brings by forwarding this link to everyone you know.

Creative Arts and Abilities is a not-for-profit organization that promotes inclusion and ability awareness through the visual and performing arts. To learn more about Creative Arts and Abilities and how you can  continue the work of promoting and supporting inclusion, make a donation and help make a positive difference in people’s lives visit their web site:

You can order a DVD copy of this wonderful video for only $10.00 by visiting All proceeds benefit Creative Arts and Abilities.

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